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Valerie Douglas

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The Coming Storm fantasy series
the Servant of the Gods  historical fantasy series
Song of the Fairy Queen
The Millersburg Quartet (Romance)
and much more…

“Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant. Having just finished reading ‘Song of the Fairy Queen’, I have to admit that it was one of the best books I have read in a while.”

TopShelf Indie Award Nominee!

Top Shelf Indie Book Award Nominee – Song of the Fairy Queen!

A Top Shelf Indie Book Award Nominee (I didn't submit it, someone else nominated it and Top Shelf thought it was worthwhile. I'm floored.) http://topshelfmagazine.net/index.php/sci-fi-fantasy "Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant. Having just finished reading 'Song of the...

The Coming Storm series

My new advertising banner for the Coming Storm series.  What do you think?

A Home for the Holidays

NEW! A Home for the Holidays - Part of the Millersburg Quartet A free short story.

New books available on all platforms

I've recently released a set of books to multiple platforms, and I can't wait to share them with you. So, from today, available on Smashwords, Nook, iBooks and Kobo - The Millersburg Quartet, Shades and The Offering Museum. You can also get all of them on Amazon, as...

Song of the Fairy Queen – New Cover

When last I posted, I didn't know what the new cover would look like. I loved the old cover and wasn't sure what to expect from the new cover. I didn't know if that cover I loved so much could be matched.It was not only matched, it was exceeded, and I'm not the...

An Optimist on 2016 – A Year in Review…It Sucked. Bring on 2017.

As an optimistic realist (yes, you can be both), I've always preferred the view out of the windshield to the one in the rearview mirror. To be honest, though, on a personal and political level 2016 set new depths of suckage.⇐⇐⇐Yeah, it was like that.I'm so glad it's...

The Best Christmas Present – a sweet erotic romance

*laughing* I can just hear it - a 'sweet' erotic romance? How is that even possible? To tell you the truth, I just wanted to write an erotic romance with a Christmas theme. The holidays for me have always been a celebration of love, romance, etc. (I was married on...

Why new cover art?

Well, the easiest answer is this one - sometimes what seems to work great for a particular book just doesn't. And sometimes your vision of the art for a cover just doesn't work.A case in point was the self-created cover art for Song of the Fairy Queen, an...

The Indie Author Group

Thanks so much to Preditors and Editors, and all the members of the Indie Author Group! When I first started the Group there really wasn't much information on Indie/Self-publishing out there. Amanda Hocking was the Indie/Self-publishing phenomenon. Joe Konrath and...

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