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Official Announcement of the creation of 

the Alexandria Publishing Group

Okay, I have to be honest – it was my husband’s idea. He’s been with me during this whole strange journey. He watched me struggle with my traditional publisher, stood behind me as I made the transition to independent/self-published and started to succeed. And as I took a chance on another publishing venture that failed spectacularly. I was one of the lucky ones, though, I escaped with my book, without my money, but also without the repercussions others had faced.
So one day my husband and I were discussing what had happened. He knew how much I’d struggled to find my way around the publishing industry. He also knew how much I hated seeing so many poorly edited Indie books and being lumped in with them. I increasingly saw my books being reviewed with almost knee-jerk comments about editing, although they were indeed edited, and far better than many others.
He asked me why I didn’t do something about it. Traditional publishing hadn’t worked for me, I’d had to make too many compromises, this last venture hadn’t either. He said I was smart (see why I love him?), I’d learned a lot about the industry, wasn’t there another option?
Not a traditional publisher, I didn’t want to become the thing that hadn’t worked for me and not a ‘co-op’ either, but with all the benefits of both – the name value of having a ‘publisher’ along with the support of other authors and the ability to cross-promote. With two caveats – the authors involved had to produce quality work and behave in a professional manner. That would be my only requirement.
However, I didn’t want it to be writers only. I wanted to add writing professionals – cover artists, editors and formatters – to the group as well.
It was a really exciting idea, but I wasn’t sure it would work, so I contacted my friend D. Kai Wilson-Viola, aka Kai. She thought it seemed like a great idea, too, and she had all the technical background necessary to set up the internet side. Suddenly it began to seem possible.
Once we had the basics hashed out I invited a key group of people if they’d like to join. Each one was picked because we felt they demonstrated the qualities we were seeking to promote – good quality work and professional behavior. Some have gone since then, others have been asked to join.
Since it was my baby, I already had a name picked out – Alexandria, for the ancient library, and group since it would be a collective. Thus Alexandria Publishing Group was born.
Once we had the core group selected, though, it was no longer my baby alone. I wanted every member to be part of the decision-making. The logo was a joint decision. Adding new members will be a joint decision as well. There is no submission process. Members can suggest someone they think will meet our standards, then the group will decide based on quality of work and behavior on-line.

The purpose of the Alexandria Publishing Group is to provide a home for independent authors seeking to certify that their work achieves certain standards of writing quality, in spelling grammar and the basic forms of fiction writing, while providing distributors, reviewers, bloggers, the certification and security that an APG author will provide a professional product and always act in a professional manner.

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  1. How wonderful, Valerie! Congratulations and best of luck~

    Rachel Hunter

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