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I am delighted to be invited to this blog hop by MARILYN HOLDSWORTH who shared a promotion with me.
Marilyn writes romance with a message.For this blog hop, we are requested to answer four questions:
1). What am I working on? I’m working on a prequel to one of my epic fantasies.
2). How does your work differ from others of the genre. Well, that could be difficult to define since I write in so many genres covering a wide range storylines. I like writing entertaining stories with a different way of looking at things.
3). Why do I write what I do? Because it interests me. I love epic fantasy. I also like challenging the way that people look at the general assumptions. A huge lover of archaeology, I’m finding that they’re looking at those assumptions in a different way now. For example, the presumption that only men were warriors – ignoring women like the Trung sisters Boudica, Zenobia, and the unknown gladiator.


4). How does my writing process work? *laughing* I write. My characters tell me how the story will go. At best I know the type of story – epic or historical fantasy, action/adventure, or romance. After that it’s like being a part of what’s going on, living with them and seeing where they’ll take me next.

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