Be true to you….

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Recently a Facebook member – not one of my fans – objected to one of my (political) posts. He finished by asking “How are your book sales…?” as if I shouldn’t post such things for the effect they’ll have on my sales. To me that’s the height of hypocrisy. (BTW just FYI, my sales are fine.)
Here’s the thing. I’m not going to lie about who I am or what I believe in to my readers and/or fans. Leaving aside Ayn Rand, I happen to enjoy books by Tom Clancy, whose books are clearly of a conservative bent, so I don’t see why the opposite can’t be true. Goodness knows, we both receive reviews based more on our politics – although those reviews are in the minority – than the quality of the book. Personally, though, I think it’s a disservice to my readers to pretend to be anything but what I am. I still think one of the best reviews of Nike’s Wings was from a reader who was honest enough to give it a good review despite the difference in our political views. That I can respect, as I respect my Facebook friends of a different political bent who agree to disagree with me. And, to be honest, only one or two of my books mention political issues at all, and one that is clearly political – Dirty Politics – barely mentions differences in viewpoints. Although one party does come off less than sparkling clean come to think of it, but someone has to be the bad guy…
More importantly, though, if I’m not true to myself how can you trust me to be true to my characters, to my readers and fans?

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