Beach book bonanza – something completely different

Beach book bonanza – something completely different

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This week I released three books, just in time for holiday weekend. Literally just in time. I wasn’t sure they’d make it, but they did!

All three books are completely different from my previous fantasy novels. One is a suspense thriller with a very hot romance at its core, and two are flat-out contemporary romance novels, part of a four part series I call the Millersburg Quartet.

In The Last Resort when Jack Spencer, the Head of Security for Fairview Mountain Resort calls to ask her to find a missing coed, computer tech and sometimes troubleshooter Carrie Anderson answers. The last thing the resort needs is bad publicity. Jack knows that on the side, Carrie is part of a team that help domestic violence victims escape their homes and abusers. Complicating things is the handsome new attorney that just joined the team. What Carrie finds though will test all her skills at making people disappear and put all their lives in danger.

The Millersburg Quartet

In Two Up you’ll meet Jesse Chamberlain, welder, sculptor and motorcyclist. Jesse’s always been the wild child among her friends. Her friends Alli, Cam and Molly have been the closest she has to family. For novelist Mitch Donovan though, whose world has been turned upside down by heartbreak and grief, she’s just the thing to pull him out of writer’s block and the tailspin he’s been suffering. The announcement of a possible new M. J. Donovan novel, though, brings a ‘fan’ out of hiding. What the fan doesn’t count on is Jesse.

Dirty Politics – Cam Kenyon came home a different woman than the one that left. Always the sensible one, she’s now a competent and respected psychologist. Now, if she could only apply that confidence to Noah Denton, her old high school crush, and the current candidate for District Attorney. It seems that not everything has changed.

When his political opponents resort to dirty politics, Cam can’t stand idly by. Throwing her support behind Noah resurrects an old nemesis, though, and puts her, Noah and Cam’s closest friends in danger.
On July 1st you’ll meet the last two of the quartet, Alli and Molly. 
Orphaned Alli was the smart one, but her brilliance led her to crash and burn, costing her her career. Trying to find her roots and re-establish her career, Alli travels to Ireland, her mother’s home. Giving a stranded motorist a lift is just the ticket when she gets lost, especially when handsome Aidan O’Connell returns the favor by turning tour guide. But is it more than an Irish Fling?
Molly is the ‘drama queen’, or theater nerd. A teacher now, she acts in community theater productions for fun. When bad boy director and one-time actor Jack Tyler comes to town trying to reignite his love of the theater, he also sparks a flame with Molly. She definitely makes the Director’s Cut. Until his past comes back to haunt them both. Will their romance survive? 

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