Blog Tour de Troops – November 11th – 14th

Blog Tour de Troops – November 11th – 14th

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I remember wearing this metal bracelet as a kid. My twin wore a matching one. It was just a simple thing with a man’s name on it, his rank, and a date on it. The date that soldier had gone missing. I was old enough to understand what it was like for his family, waiting for him – son, father, brother, husband perhaps – to come home.
The war ended and my sister and I searched the lists for these men we’d never met… one who did, and one who never came home.
I remember sitting there for a while, understanding that some girl like me – if he had a daughter – would never see her father come again. Her mother would never see her husband. His family would never see a brother or son.
All they could do was wait. Some people waited for years, with no word.
I supported the war in Afghanistan, and still do. My feelings about Iraq are mixed.
But I think of those families, the families of the soldiers. Men and women who are trying to do what’s right. Many of whom joined after 9/11. Whatever I feel about the war, I support those people.

I wish I could put it better, but I’ll let Andy Rooney say it. After all, he was there in the last Great War, WWII –

I hope you’ll tell your friends to stop by and check out my blog, as well as the others on the tour! I’ll be posting more about the other available titles as we get closer to the tour date. My day is November the 14th. Leave comments for free books for you and a soldier. The Tour also raises money to send the troops Kindles so they can read the books they receive. I’m offering a copy of Heart of the Gods ( to anyone who comments on that day. See you then!

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