Brothers in Blue and Red: Rescuing Ceili

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Brothers in Blue and Red: Rescuing Ceili

Firefighter Jesse Armitage and his twin, Justin, a paramedic help rescue Ceili Whelan and her dog Ranger from an apartment house fire. Each finds themselves attracted to pretty Ceili, not knowing Ceili is in serious trouble. Now it’s big brother Caleb with SWAT who has to come to her aid. But can they save her from a powerful enemy?
This is M/F/MM menage contemporary erotic romance novel

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The Coming Storm is now available in audio

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The Coming Storm is now available in audio

With the great Zak Imagine Audio narrating!

Coming Storm seriesElon of Aerilann, Elven advisor to the High King, helped negotiate the treaty between his people, the Dwarves, and men. He suddenly finds that fragile truce threatened from without by an unknown enemy and from within by old hatreds and prejudice.

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In the era of Me, too, its time to reclaim our sexuality – let’s not go back to 1950s

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In the era of Me, too, its time to reclaim our sexuality – let’s not go back to 1950s

Lennon - ViolenceI really don’t want to go back to the 1950s and 60s with their prudishness over sex. Lennon and G. R. R. Martin were and are right. It’s madness that we can’t show love in all its facets but we can show violence with abandon.

With the advent of women’s erotic romance we saw a rise in the acceptance of women’s sexuality. Go, us! It was and is a beautiful thing. We can finally say that women do like sex, and we always have.
Think about your own romance, wasn’t it great and wonderful to look at the person you love and crave their touch? To not only want hugs and kisses but to jump their bones at any time? It’s reality. When we love someone, sex is a part of that. To deny it is to deny ourselves. I love reading Nora Roberts/J. D. Robb because her characters openly love each other in all the permutations of love – including sexuality. Her characters sometimes squabble, sometimes disagree, and sometimes try to figure out the rules of this whole love/romance thing. But they also make love with abandon, with respect for each other, giving each other pleasure. That’s a beautiful thing. And she’s not the only author who does that.

If I do have a problem with some romance or erotic novels it’s the ones that harken back to old, bad references. The ‘bad boy’ who reforms in novels rarely does in real life. Tolerating bad behavior renders it acceptable. There is a truth to the statement that if Grey from ’50 Shades of’ had been some guy living in a trailer, he’d have been arrested for stalking, at the least.  That, though, is the decision of the author.

Oddly, though, in the face of the ‘me, too’ movement – about saying we wouldn’t tolerate G R R Martin Quoteabuse – once again the backlash is on us. There is a movement toward ‘clean’ romance, a discomfort with our sexuality. Why? And why is it on us? We’re not the ones who did anything wrong. What in the world is wrong with saying that you love someone so much that you want to enjoy all the parts of a relationship, including sex. Let’s not let anyone push us backwards with the excuse of the bad behavior of some men.

Instead, let’s be honest about it – most of us love sex, when it’s done right. There’s nothing wrong with it. So let’s write about it done right.

In many of my books, my characters are falling in love. Do they have sex? You betcha. My characters love each other with abandon, completely, but also with respect. My women are tough and competent, my men are strong enough to love them. Both may fight internal battles, or external ones, but their love holds true.

I’m not going backward, I’m going forward.



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Synchronicity: Nike’s Wings

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Synchronicity: Nike’s Wings

Nike2527s2BWings_1A few years back I was inspired to write a political action thriller. An avid news reader, I’d been accumulating odd bits of information on a variety of subjects, including politics, terrorism to drug trafficking. One source of puzzlement was why this country has no truly fast response group, so for the purpose of the story I invented one, the National Intelligence Organization – a purposely vague title both for the agency in the book and for the book itself. Rather than our somewhat militaristic approach of wait, assess and engage, the NIO was designed to go in and assess on the run and neutralize the situation fast with as little loss of life as possible.
I’m a bit of a global thinker, putting together facts that seem random but have since proven to be not so fanciful.

The NIO is a case in point. Imagine my surprise when it turns out that in real life the Israelis have something very like the NIO for combatting terrorism, but they’re more public about it. (The Israelis also don’t allow women agents, just data gatherers, unlike Nike.) The NIO of the book isn’t public, they prefer staying in the shadows, and sharing the information they gather, or situations they deal with, to increase awareness and decrease any interagency issues.

Not to mention it makes for a darn good book.

Nike is a kick-ass woman who doesn’t take anyone’s sh*t!. She is rough, tough, and sexy appeal on a stick.

A reviewer gave it five stars – “Gripping and Emotional. Looking for a rip-roaring action thriller with great characters and emotion? You can’t go wrong with Nike’s Wings…”




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Now in Audio!!

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Now in Audio!!

The #Epic #highfantasy #audiobook Song of the Fairy Queen! A tale of Kings, #wizards, #fairies, #magic, epic battles, and the alliances forged between nations and people. In print, ebook and now in Audio! With the brilliant Zak Price narrating!… …
#writing #writerslife #author #books #ebook #audible

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Song of the Fairy Queen is now available in Audio!

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Song of the Fairy Queen is now available in Audio!

I’m delighted to announce that Song of the Fairy Queen is now available on Audible!

Audiobook details

Song of the Fairy Queen
By: Valerie Douglas
Narrated by: Zak Price
Length: 15 hrs and 55 mins Unabridged
Audiobook Release date: 08-30-18
Language: English
Publisher: Valerie Douglas

Get your copy on Audible today!


Song of the Fairy Queen

2018 Top Shelf Indie Book Awards Nominee
It’s said of Fairy that if you’re in dire need and you call their name they’ll come. With his castle under siege and his young son in his arms, High King Oryan couldn’t be in any more dire need. With only his Marshal, Morgan, and a handful of Morgan’s men at his back, he has only one direction left to run…up. And only one ally to whom he can turn.
Kyriay, the Queen of the Fairy.

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Top Shelf Indie Book Award Nominee – Song of the Fairy Queen!

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Top Shelf Indie Book Award Nominee – Song of the Fairy Queen!

A Top Shelf Indie Book Award Nominee (I didn’t submit it, someone else nominated it and Top Shelf thSong of the Fairy Queen Adought it was worthwhile. I’m floored.)
“Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant. Having just finished reading ‘Song of the Fairy Queen’, I have to admit that it was one of the best books I have read in a while.”

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Don’t Stop Protesting, Don’t Stop Fighting #TimesUp #metoo #EnoughisEnough #NeverAgain #GunControl

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Don’t Stop Protesting, Don’t Stop Fighting    #TimesUp #metoo #EnoughisEnough #NeverAgain #GunControl

Domestic Violence GraphicWe thought we’d won. We thought we’d raised the issue of domestic violence. We thought change was on the horizon.

We were wrong.

We stopped fighting too soon. Domestic violence continues to kill — and not just the victims.

On Feb. 22, 2018 a police officer died aiding a neighbor. The shooter had a long history of domestic violence, an active protective order against him, and three open warrants, including for assault.

A man barred from owning firearms shot two officers in Westerville OH with a gun purchased by a friend, officials say. Both officers died.

Most police officers hate responding to domestics. They’re always unpredictable. Largely because victims quickly learn that even if their abuser is removed frgunsom the home, in many if not most states he’s released again by morning or within hours. By then, many victims discover that their abuser has all the economic power – she has no money, no way to escape.  She also knows that if he’s arrested after he’s released he’ll come home and things will get ugly. Caught between a rock and a hard place, she doesn’t have many choices – rip her home apart to throw herself and her kids on the kindness of strangers or stay. Most don’t know how to find a shelter. (Few are well-funded. In the US we give more to animal shelters than to domestic violence refuges.) All she wants is for it to stop.

The next officer(s) to respond deal with the result.

As these did. As do their families still and always.

The victims? They become invisible. Forced to live with the knowledge that calling for help got the officers killed.

I remember standing in the shower, getting clean for the first time in a week, and hearing a familiar voice shouting as I turned off the water. The familiar voice was that of the man I’d married. (I empathized with Rob Porter’s ex when she reported something similar.) My knees went weak, and I collapsed. He’d found me. No surprise, most domestic violence victims go to the one place they feel/felt safe. Home.

And he’d come armed for bear with a shotgun to either convince me to return or to kill me if I wouldn’t.

My sister tried to persuade him I wasn’t there. A neighbor, Mr. Blackburn, hearing the shouting, came to help. (This is the time when many who step in get killed.) Somehow, instead, Mr. Blackburn talked my husband into taking a drive around the block to cool off. Then Mr. Blackburn and my sister hurried into the house to sneak me out a side window so if my husband returned he wouldn’t see me.

All I had on was a towel, but Mr. Blackburn’s wife loaned me some clothes. What I’d been wearing – dictated by my husband – reeked.

Then Mr. Blackburn went back to be with my sister while my husband searched the house.

Why didn’t I call the police about my husband’s abuse? First, it was a rural area. Second, because his best friend was one of the local police officers, and my husband frequently went to their picnics. A lot of abusers are friendly with the local police. Like some who abuse, my husband could be personable, even charming. I was told frequently by coworkers and his friends how great a guy he was.

Even if I had, I dreaded the inevitable questions. Like ‘What did you do to make him mad?’ Nothing. I learned what many domestic violence victims learn – that he’s given the benefit of the doubt, while she’s just given the doubt.

For me, what made him angry once was looking up at the wrong time as we were driving we passed a hitchhiker walking along the road. (I never saw him.) My husband was shouting even as he U-turned the car. No sooner did we get inside the house than objects began flying – whatever he could get his hands on. It was his modus operandi, throwing things, and he had deadly aim.  (As you can see from the graphic at the top of the page, that’s not unusual.)

Sometimes he just needed to assert his dominance. I woke up once fighting to breathe. He had covered my mouth and nose. He told me he could end me if he wanted. And that wasn’t the worst of it. As is fairly common with some abusers, he escalated. There were guns everywhere. When he lost his temper or needed to prove his dominance, he pointed them at me. Russian Roulette, with my head as the target. I knew I had to leave, but to my shock, I discovered my car was gone. (I didn’t know then that he’d sold it, as well as emptying my bank account.)

That same weekend he went out the back door with a bundle in his arms, things I recognized. My clothes. All of them. Pictures. My precious first story – handwritten and irreplaceable. He lit a match and set it all ablaze.

I wanted to stop him…but there were the guns.

When he left for work he locked me in the cellar, in the dark. He’d left me clothes, baggy stuff. When he wasn’t home, I was locked in the basement. I was allowed to shower only when he gave me permission.

If my sister hadn’t shown up, wondering where I was… I heard her calling my name and banging on the door. I knew if I stayed, he’d kill me eventually. It was something he’d threatened to do… He’d also told me one of his fantasies – to walk down the street shooting everyone. That wasn’t a side of him I’d ever seen before we married, and wouldn’t have until he felt safe. Or so doctors told me.

If I didn’t get out but damaged the door, he’d see… If I didn’t try, I’d never escape, and one day he would kill me. I knew that. So, I threw my shoulder at the door, shouting for my sister not to leave. And the door gave way.

That’s how I wound up going home. There was nowhere else to go.

After my ex didn’t find me, he left, but he was suspicious. He kept driving around the block. So they snuck me out, crouched on the back seat floor of Mr. Blackburn’s car.

Mr. Blackburn paid for me to stay at a hotel out of his own pocket, but even that wasn’t safe.

When the phone rang I was surprised. I wasn’t expecting a call. It was the minister at my church. The minister had heard I had left. He said he’d talked to my husband, who told him he’d frightened me and thought I needed to talk with someone. I asked if my ex was there, and the minister said no. I told him that my husband was dangerous. He assured me I’d be safe – he just wanted to talk to me. So I went. When I got there I could hear the choir practicing upstairs. It was reassuring.

Shortly after I arrived, though, the door to the minister’s office opened, and my husband walked in. He smiled and patted his pocket, which hung heavy. He commented on how good the choir sounded. The threat was clear. At least to me.

I didn’t dare tell the truth with him there, and at the end, we went ‘home.’ He took the handgun out of his pocket and put it on the car seat between us.

The first time I tried to call for help, my husband came home within minutes. There were no cell phones in the house, he beat me with the handset of the phone. Then he left for work, promising he’d be calling to check on me. I waited for the phone to ring. It did, and I answered. As soon as he hung up, knowing I couldn’t call the local police, I called the minister. I told him he’d gotten me into this, he could get me out. Then I quickly hung up.

And waited for the phone to ring again, or for my ex to come home. Nothing. I quickly called the minister back and gave him my address. He wouldn’t come to the house. Instead, he told me to meet him at a car dealership over a mile away.  I went out a back window since all the doors were locked. I ran along the backyards, fearing that any moment I’d hear a car, a shout. I was terrified.

Not taking any chances, the minister had two other men with him. The only support I had? My puppy.

It wasn’t as if my ex gave up, but when he showed up at the house, Mr. Blackburn had his wife ready to call the state police and said so. Mr. Blackburn gave my ex a choice: the cops or the mental health ward at the hospital. My ex chose the hospital. There they diagnosed him as potentially schizophrenic with violent fantasies.

Even knowing the situation, the hospital didn’t give me a heads-up that he was out.  It wasn’t required, then or now. The only blessing was that when he found me, he hadn’t gone home for a gun first.

Many of those who commit domestic violence stalk their exes. It’s not uncommon.

As we saw here in Central Ohio. The two officers had no idea what they were walking into. All they knew was that there was a 911 hang-up call. It wasn’t the first time they’d responded to a call from that home. She’d called when she tried to file for a protection order and again when he showed up at the house anyway. After she refused to let him in, she called again when he seemed to be messing with her car.  Despite those incidents and others, and despite the fact he was a convicted felon, he wasn’t arrested.

What many don’t realize is that not only does this put the officers at risk, but it can be a sign of worse things to come. Bad behavior becomes worse. In some cases, the abuser turns on the victim’s entire family. In others, he turns on strangers who try to help.  Or the responding officers.

Here it resulted in the deaths of two officers while the victim crouched in the bushes outside her home in fear for her baby still inside. She listened to the gunshots and called 911. Since then, she’s virtually disappeared. I feel for her; she called for help and the responding officers died.

And I feel for the officers’ families.

It’s time and past time for people to start taking domestic violence and its victims seriously and to actually do something about the rampant gun violence besides offering prayers and sympathy.

Personally, I support second amendment rights for those who like to hunt deer or rabbits, but a military-style weapon is meant to kill people, and concealed carry was supposed to be limited to those who needed protection, not everyone.

Let’s have sensible gun laws – bans on military-style weapons, licenses for firearms like you have to drive a car, with training and background checks for those who want to own one, and to keep guns out of the hands of those with a history of violence or mental illness. Rather than parades, have buy-backs of the military-style weapons out there.

Make America Safe Again for everyone. If anything good is to come out of the horrific shootings in Parkland FL it should be that.

Survivors of Parkland, keep protesting. Keep raising your voices. You inspire the rest of the world.

#MeToo? Support them, but don’t stop protesting how women are still harassed and abused. It won’t stop unless we make changes.

The first step has been taken –

However, the Republican-led Congress has no desire or incentive to do anything about any of this – not with their history towards women and gun violence.

#TimesUp #metoo #EnoughisEnough #NeverAgain #GunControl

(P. S. This is the only time I will talk about this. I don’t need sympathy. I’ve learned to live without it. I’m not a ‘survivor;’ this is just something that happened to me. I did want to say that I know what it’s like to have to hide from someone who wants to kill – and no one should have to live with that fear.)

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I write fantasy novels for grownups

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I write fantasy novels for grownups

Do you like fantasy novels with realistic, complex characters, fantastic worlds with Elves, Dwarves, Men, Fairy Queens or High Priestesses, where battles of the mind and the heart are fought as well as battles against uncanny enemies? Epic, heroic, historic Arthurian fantasies. Tolkienesque or G. R. R. Martin (with healthy relationships and without the incest and rape. Why does G. R. R. not have any positive relationships between his characters?)

In other words, not YA.

Song of the Fairy Queen Ad

I prefer to be realistic about all aspects of relationships in the books I write. So, good friends will joke with or tease each other, interpersonal relationships will grow, expand and become intimate. That’s how those things work, although I don’t tend to get graphic. That doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it or that you won’t know what they’re doing.

So yes, tServant of the Gods - New jpghere may be some sex as there normally would be between two people who care deeply about each other. Sometimes relationships aren’t easy, sometimes circumstances, time or distance have effects on friends and lovers. Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes people do. That’s reality.


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Image may contain: ocean, text and water That’s how it is for me in all my books, I want to immerse the reader in the whole human experience. I want them to understand, really understand, the stakes involved. When the heroes, their loved ones – loves and friends – are at risk, I want the reader to experience the journey of love, loss, threat, fear, with them. Every detail is necessary and nothing is gratuitous. If two people love each other, they’ll express that in the ways that people do. Finding those people who care about them on the deepest levels, the risk of losing those precious lives, are tied to the memories of them at the most intimate moments, when they can express themselves heart to heart. Friends will remember the times they spent talking over breakfast, lunch, or dinner, laughing sometimes, or being there through the struggles of life. Lovers will remember those moments when they shared their love for each other, held each other, curled up around each other to talk, to solve the problems of the world, sharing joy, or easing each other’s sorrow. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what makes life worth living, for the people in the book, and those who are reading it.

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V. J. Devereaux New Release – Brothers in Blue and Red: Saving Maya

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V. J. Devereaux New Release – Brothers in Blue and Red: Saving Maya

Three BROTHERS HQ Menagebrothers – a cop, firefighter and paramedic, their protective instincts in full swing. One shooting victim.
When Paramedic Jason Armitage responds to help a victim of a bank robbery, he finds pretty Maya Thompson with a bullet in her shoulder. His brother Jack, a Detective, is assigned the case. Discovering Maya’s new in town, Jason worries who will take care of her. For Jack, she’s also the perfect witness. To the men who robbed the bank? Maybe too perfect.

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