Special Delivery

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Special Delivery

Lacey is a federal prosecutor in the middle of a high profile drug trafficking case. She's tough, smart and in control, but it's an emotionally charged trial and there's nothing like a sexy man to relieve some stress. The Internet dating site profile was simple and direct - "Special Delivery. If you're a woman looking for good, safe, clean, no-strings sex, contact me. " Rick is willing and ready for a no questions and no strings attached relief session. When Lacey's life is exposed, Rick proves he is strong enough to let her be who and what she is, but she's an ideal target for retaliation, especially for the head of a drug cartel who may never again see the light of day if she lives...

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Lacey realized she was just putting off the inevitable. Her one guilty pleasure...her secret addiction.
If she couldn't have a man in her life, she could dream--or at least daydream.
This was her personal laptop. This one was as private as she could make it. In no way did her real name or ownership of it appear anywhere on it or on any of the software, save for the credit card bill when she had purchased it.
She didn't, couldn't, cruise the bars. That was far too dangerous for someone in her position, so she cruised the dating websites instead, to look at the eligible men who were some years younger than she, but who was to know? Most of them were average, more than a few were nice or very nice to look at, and one or two were absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.
More than one or two. She stopped at a particular picture.
God, the man was beautiful.


He had the face of a fallen angel, with piercing eyes so dark brown they looked black, chiseled cheekbones in a lean, handsome face with strong, defined features and a square jaw. His firm mouth was made for kissing, the lower lip a little fuller than the top. His dark hair was cropped close to his head, his beard neatly trimmed to frame that firm mouth, to trace that jaw.
His eyes couldn't possibly be that piercing in real life. He had a dash of daring, of mischief, and promise in those twinkling eyes, while a sexy come-hither grin played around his lips.
It was too easy to dream of sucking on that mouth, nibbling on that lush lower lip.
At the corner of it was the hint of a dimple.
He was a fire sign, as was she, promising passion, energy. Both of which she needed. While she wasn't sure how much she believed in any of that, she was as superstitious as any of her colleagues. Even the ones who swore they weren't superstitious.
And then there was his body.
In the picture he stood with his shirt open to reveal an impressive set of pecs and a lean, ridged six-pack that made her brain just seize up and freeze. She thought she caught just the hint of a tattoo on a muscled arm, the edges barely hidden beneath a short sleeve. What would it be like to touch that sculpted body, to run her fingers over those solid muscles, to have those long legs in those tight jeans wrap around her?
Damn, just the thought of touching him made her hot and wet.
"Special Delivery" was the name he'd given his dating page.

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