Cooking Class

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I had two great reviews for Cooking Class this week, from opposite ends of the erotica readers spectrum – someone who has never read one and someone who loves them – both gave it five stars. 

wistfulskimmie on Jun. 15, 2011 :

This was my first introduction into reviewing an erotic book. Boy what an introduction it was! It was sort of Hell’s Kitchen meets Kitchen Nightmares with a whole load of sauce added.
That being said, all the steamy scenes (and wow were they steamy!) were very tastefully done. I never felt they were gratuitous and they fitted in with the story.
I would be interested to read more from this author as I feel she writes from a woman’s point of view…for women. A classy novel that I very much enjoyed.

5.0 out of 5 stars ;0), June 16, 2011
Lady Raven “Raven Rave” I’m speechless, I had to give myself a minute before I reviewed. When I first picked up the book I thought it was something else completely, as much as I love hardcore erotica I never really got into the menage romances, I felt it was too much for me with 3 different emotions. This was my first and I have to admit WOW what a read, by the third chapter alone ok what they did and what they did with the sauce *blushing* might have to look at sauces differently for awhile. It did remind me of the tv show Hell’s Kitchen that I am a fan of with Evan’s temper that people seem to be afraid of, Dylan very sexy and Lily I’m jealous of her lol.

This book literally had steam coming from it Double your Pleasure Double your Fun with this book, it has the sexy guys, and lovable female and sex, sex, sex and more hot sex. So be warn ahead of time if all these things are not on your checklist of things you like in a book then I don’t know what to tell you but I surely enjoy the read.

Thanks ladies!

Cooking Class – 
Lily Cavanaugh did it the hard way. She’d apprenticed under Master Chef Evan Taylor until he threw one temper tantrum too many. She was madly in love with him but so was every other woman who worked for him. So she walked away and built her own restaurant. Then Evan and the director of his new TV show, Dylan Bryant, walk into her restaurant to offer her an intriguing proposition…


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