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I received a wonderful review on Director’s Cut from Jessie at Love on the Bookshelf ( ). She’s a theater geek like me and in the review she makes mention of my “knowledgeable descriptions of acting in a Community Theater production.”
That brought back memories, both good and bad. Yep, been there, done that – and I sometimes miss it. It was great fun at a time in my life when I hadn’t expected to be having fun.
I’d just gotten divorced and was struggling with that, with confidence. Whatever the reasons, however right they might be, a divorce is still an admission that you failed in some intrinsic way. Between one thing and another, I’d also lost some weight and (judging by the pictures) looked pretty good. I was oblivious, still trying to regain my confidence.
Then one day I walked past the old Sherman Theater – and saw an old announcement that they were doing auditions. Sometimes the right things happen at the right time. I’d missed the audition but they needed someone to play the part of the girlfriend in Witness for the Prosecution – the opening scene in Director’s Cut. Me, sexy? That little black-striped dress in the scene? I KILLED in it. *sigh, smiling*
Many of the events in Director’s Cut mirrored real life events, with a few changes. Of course the names of both the guilty and the innocent have been changed. The on-stage action? That reflected many of my own experiences treading the boards. I still have the reviews to show for it.
Most of the Millersburg Quartet series are based on real-life events. Not all.
But the memories are priceless.

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