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Silver, For the novel, Harnessed Hearts and The Coming Storm

New Cover for ‘The Last Resort’

Cover update alert! More than just a mystery! Carrie, an IT tech for Fairview Resort, is asked by the VP of Security to find a college student who's disappeared. She agrees to help find the girl, but she also leads a group that calls themselves the “Rescue Rangers”...


That's how it is for me in all my books, I want to immerse the reader in the whole human experience. I want them to understand, really understand, the stakes involved. When the heroes, their loved ones - loves and friends - are at risk, I want the reader to experience...

The Sharps Shooter


Picture Perfect – #newrelease

Anne Sheridan, aka reclusive artist C. A. Calloway, finds herself caught up in the middle of a real-life game of Monopoly, with dangerous consequences. Michael Kelley, CEO of Kelley Hotels and Resorts, hadn't intended that when he'd offered to buy her property to...

New Covers for V. J. Devereaux

Aren't they gorgeous? Brothers in Blue and Red: Saving Maya The Bound series   And a new title and cover   ...

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Valerie Douglas

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The Coming Storm fantasy series

The Servant of the Gods  historical fantasy series

Song of the Fairy Queen

The Millersburg Quartet (Romance)

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All of the newest releases by Valerie Douglas and her pen name V.J. Devereaux


By V. J. Devereaux

Fire Season

A massive forest fire brings out both the local fire department and the forest service to combat the blaze. When the fire turns on them, firefighter/arson investigator Riah Murphy goes to the aid of one of the forest service rangers and discovers something totally unexpected. Something about the fire raises her suspicions as to the cause, as it does for lead ranger Ari Satyre and his paramedic, Galen.

Released 26th October 2021

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The Last Resort

Brand New Cover!

More than just a mystery!

Carrie, an IT tech for Fairview Resort, is asked by the VP of Security to find a college student who’s disappeared. She agrees to help find the girl, but she also leads a group who call themselves the “Rescue Rangers” who help victims of domestic violence. Add the new attorney, Drew Martin, to the team and suddenly things get… complicated.

As her search for Gwen narrows, Carrie worries that she may be in need of help from the Rangers, too.

It turns out to be just the tip of the iceberg and puts Carrie squarely in the crosshairs of some dangerous people

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Harnessed Hearts

When the house next door goes vacant after the death of his neighbor, Josh Randall resigns himself to watching it deteriorate. Instead, it blossoms. All he sees of his new neighbor, though, are glimpses of a girl in the window – until one morning when he spies her walking across their yards to his paddock….and his other mystery. He’d bought the horse for its bloodlines as a harness racer, knowing it had problems. He just hadn’t realized how many problems the horse had. Forced to consider selling it, the one thing he hadn’t counted on was his mysterious neighbor. 

Can Josh help two wounded hearts heal each other?

Previously published as The Girl in the Window.

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The Sharps ShooterThe Sharps Shooter

Felicity discovers justice for her father comes at a high price as the hunter becomes the hunted. With pursuit on her trail, she can’t return home. Help and more come from an unlikely source, gambler Jack Devereaux.

Dogged by tragedy, she flees west only to go from frying pan to fire.

To Pinkerton Detective Ty Parker, Felicity’s skills are a godsend if they’re to have any chance of surviving a vicious gang of stagecoach robbers.

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By V. J. Devereaux

Brothers in Blue and Red

Saving Maya

Three brothers – a cop, firefighter and paramedic, their protective instincts in full swing. One shooting victim.

When Paramedic Jason Armitage responds to help a victim of a bank robbery, he finds pretty Maya Thompson with a bullet in her shoulder. His brother Jack, a Detective, is assigned the case. Discovering Maya’s new in town, Jason worries who will take care of her. For Jack, she’s also the perfect witness. To the men who robbed the bank, maybe too perfect.

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New in Audio

The epic Fantasy series The Coming Storm

Coming Storm series

Available on Audible – narrated by the amazing Zak Price

Book One -The Coming Storm

Book Two – A Convocation of Kings (Coming soon)

Book Three – Not Magic Enough *New Release*