How to Publish Your Novel in the E-book Age Press Release

How to Publish Your Novel in the E-book Age Press Release

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How to Publish Your Novel 
In the E-book Age 

Press Release Information 
Valerie Douglas 
3799 C. R. 114, Cardington OH 43315 
419.560.2973 – [email protected]
                      bestselling novelist, EPIC Ariana Cover Award Finalist and local writer Valerie Douglas will be holding a free seminar on December 10th at 1:30 PM on How to Publish Your Novel in the E-book Age

In the Meeting Room of the Northside Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library
1423 N. High St., Columbus OH 43201
For the first nine months of 2011, e-book sales were up 137.9% at reporting publishers, to $727.7 million. Sales at all print trade segments were down in the same nine months. What does this mean for writers? It’s a new era. The printing paradigm has changed from the agency model controlled by a limited number of print publishers, to e-book publishers, and now, finally, to the author model. For the first time in history, writers are actually in the driver’s seat when it comes to their publishing options. With the advent of e-books and the multitude of choices available, authors are now driving many of the decisions as to how to publish and with whom, not agents or publishing houses.
Making the right choices, though, can be difficult. The information available is confusing and sometimes contradictory. How to Publish Your Novel in the E-book Age is designed to help the beginning writer or new author make the right decisions for them.

“As the author of nineteen novels, published traditionally and independently, I know the advantages and disadvantages of both. Knowing how difficult it is, I want to help new writers determine what the best options are, as well as avoid the pitfalls.” – Valerie Douglas

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