Numbers…. Normally one wouldn’t shout “I’m Number 3!”..unless…

Numbers…. Normally one wouldn’t shout “I’m Number 3!”..unless…

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it’s one of my books on an Amazon Best Seller list. Or any other for list for that matter. For however long it lasts, at this moment this was true…

Now, there’s a wow. I’m hoping it goes higher, but I won’t complain if it doesn’t. That’s pretty darn good.
I’m also trying not to let my writing be about a numbers game, that’s not why I write. I write to tell good stories, something that has real meaning and truth behind them – even the romances.

I’d waited for this a long time. Many of you may know I tried the traditional route, sent query letters, collected the rejection slips. Cried. Wrote more query letters. And finally got accepted by a mid-level press.
In the midst of it all, my father died. Before I could ever put a book of mine in his hands. He’d never believed I could do it, neither he nor my mother. Only one person ever had, until I met my husband, and that was me.
Only to find out that the traditional route wasn’t all I hoped it would be and that the path I had chosen wouldn’t take me where I wanted to go.

So, I went Indie. It was such a risk to take that step, to put that first book up. It wasn’t Servant of the Gods, it was Song of the Fairy Queen, a stand-alone heroic fantasy. A really good book, great story, heartbreaking romance.
Sales were lukewarm but grew steadily. I got some great reviews. They say indie publishing isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon, and they’re right. I first published Song as an e-book in February 2011 but she’d been on Amazon as a print release since June 2009. Talk about a tough nut to crack! Sales were a trickle but they grew.
They grew more as I entered the Indie market and posted my first e-book.
When the cover of Song was declared a finalist in the  EPIC Ariana Cover Awards, I was over the moon.
Then there was Heart of the Gods. That’s how it started out. One book, beginning in ancient Egypt, morphing into a contemporary thriller. It was such fun to write, but I realized it was far too long, it needed to become a series…*smiles* and suddenly there were a few more books circling in the back of my mind. Heart of the Gods became two books, Heart and Servant of the Gods, a tale of ancient Egypt and a love that lasts beyond time. Even I cried at the end of Servant.
People keep telling me that I write good stories, that sometimes they cheer,  sometimes they cry, and sometimes they look at things in a different way.
I hope to keep writing stories that make people cheer and cry. But more than anything, I hope I keep making them look at life in a new way.

Servant of the Gods

Song of the Fairy Queen

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