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I always wanted to write about ancient Egypt. Everything from their egalitarian society to their Gods fascinated me. Did you ever notice that only in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics do you constantly see both the men and the women represented? Not solitary figures. And many of the statues had their spouses beside them. Even their Gods were equal. No philandering, no bad behavior (except by Set.) And it was devoted Isis who rescued Osiris when he was betrayed by his brother. Knowing the Egyptian gods as I did, I felt bad for poor Anubis when they did The Mummy movies (not that I minded watching them, or one or two of the actors).
So, one day I’m piddling around with this idea…sort of daydreaming… There’d been a recent discovery of a new tomb, and I was thinking about the steps the Egyptians tried to take to keep thieves out, and their burial rites. Of course, the proverbial what if… What if there was this ancient tomb, with something nasty in it, and they really wanted it to be protected. I had been reading the Book of Emerging into Day (aka The Book of the Dead) and speculating on how they could create a Guardian of that tomb…
It was originally one book that began in ancient Egypt and came forward into present day. From the get-go I knew it would be a series but I quickly realized I’d have to break the book up into two books – the first of which is

Heart of the Gods

Tales of the legendary Tomb of the Djinn and its Guardian fascinated Ky Farrar since a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo when he was a boy. The story of the star-crossed lovers and their battle to save ancient Egypt from the dark Djinn made him decide to become an archeologist. He believes he’s close to finding it―only to discover the Tomb’s Guardian is all too real and far closer than he expects. And she’s as lovely as she is lethal.
It’s a race against time to reach the Tomb before it’s opened and Djinn are released. For if they are even the Guardian may not be able to stop them


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