The Best Christmas Present – a sweet erotic romance

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*laughing* I can just hear it – a ‘sweet’ erotic romance? How is that even possible? To tell you the truth, I just wanted to write an erotic romance with a Christmas theme. The holidays for me have always been a celebration of love, romance, etc. (I was married on Christmas Eve in a reformed Catholic Church, in what had been a chicken barn before family, friends, and the homeless people the church served. Yeah, I’m like that.) So it was important to me for it to have a positive theme – no bad boys with bad attitudes. There is a bit of the paranormal about it.

It is sweet and sexy. Yeah, there’s a lot of sex. *grins* For most men, sex and romance are pretty much interchangeable, at least for a while, and that’s true for Travis. He’s a little lost, too, the life he thought he had has come apart.
Mikaela is a cockeyed optimist, despite a rough background, but she does have trust issues.

In dreams, though, anything is possible.

The Best Christmas Present – release date 12/18/2015

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