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I remember walking into offices with this face and that hair, and seeing eyes go past my shoulder in search of the guy with the pocket protector and taped up glasses.
Once, I used to be him… sort of….
I was the short, geeky blonde girl in glasses that the boys made fun of in high school because I knew all the answers in history class.
Then I grew up – like Bill Gates…or Marissa Meyer, the new CEO of Yahoo. Or Virginia Rometty – head of IBM.
I didn’t rise that high.
I wanted to write.
That was my dream… or dreams.
All my life I’d been talking to people who weren’t there. At least… not for others. To me they were and continued to be as real as those I spoke to every day. Because I spoke to them every day, too…
I talked to Elon of Aerilann as he took shape in my fantasies, and to my beloved Ty, from Nike’s Wings. I soared in the sky with Kyri, and my heart broke as she made her decision to save her people at the price of her own heart.
I walked, too, with both Ali of Irish Fling and Ariel of Lucky Charm, smart, capable women who worked in the IT industry. I experienced their frustrations and celebrated their achievements. And I watched people look over my shoulder for the geek they expected.
That geek wasn’t me any more than it’s Marissa Meyer.
I’ve written a lot of books. Over twenty at last count. I also don’t write your standard heroines.
Recently a reader said that she doesn’t read epic fantasy by women.
My heart broke.
Sometimes only one thing keeps me going. This quote
“Q: So, why do you write these strong female characters?
A: Because you’re still asking me that question.” 

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  1. I love that quote. It's not the only reason I write strong female characters, but it's certainly one.

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