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In A Convocation of Kings Ailith and Elon wait nearly fifty years to finally find each other again. A few folks have found that strangely unbelievable, sadly. I don’t. It took me nearly that long to find the love of my life. Good thing I’m an optimist!
And yet, if that first love – the one I found at nineteen – had appeared beforehand, free and unencumbered, declaring his undying love, would I have gone? Absolutely. And let’s be honest, so would you, wouldn’t you?
I envy those folks who find it sooner – but they’ve become more scarce with the passage of years.
As in Convocation, those who’ve fought have learned the bitter lesson of valuing each moment of love and life through the adversities of war, and so did many of those who have fought – in WW II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm and now Iraq and Afghanistan. Unlike some of those earlier conflicts, though, the world has become more cynical. It values that most precious of qualities less. And so those who need that love the most find themselves the most bereft.
Yet it’s that love, that seeking for understanding, that can be the saving grace…
It’s for them, and so much else, that I wrote A Convocation of Kings. I wanted to reflect the scars that war leaves on us. I also want people to consider who it is who give rulers – good and bad – their power. I also wanted to show that the aftereffects of war – the hatreds and prejudices – that last long afterward – deserved or undeserved, as Ailith discovers. It’s easy to hold on to hate… harder still to forgive.
Despite it all, though,  it’s only through understanding and forgiveness that peace can be achieved…
I remember when the millenium passed. It would be a new age. I truly thought we’d left the prejudices of the 20th Century behind. Now we would shake the dust of old prejudices and hatreds from our feet and move confidently into the 21st Century.
So Elon, Ailith, Colath, Jareth, Jalila, and now Makal find themselves…

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