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It’s been a little weird lately. The other morning I had another flareup of my PTSD. Now don’t get me wrong, my PTSD isn’t as serious as that experienced by returning soldiers (I say this because I know I’ll be called out for it if I don’t.) Mine was brought on by the months I spent first as a domestic violence victim, and then the months when he stalked and hunted me until I found a place to hide where he couldn’t find me.
I had a nightmare – a common symptom of PTSD – reliving a moment when I woke because my then-and now ex-husband had pinned me face down on the bed. I couldn’t breathe with his weight on me. He wanted to make sure I knew he could control me, even kill me, at any time.
Waking from the nightmare, I was completely disoriented at first, and then the anxiety hit. God bless my husband. He’s my rock and my anchor.
The same day I saw a post on Facebook about a domestic violence group asking people not to go see 50 Shades of Grey and instead donate the money they would have spent to domestic violence shelters. I posted it because I thought people might find it interesting, but what shocked and appalled me was how many women reacted negatively to the post – one dismissing the domestic violence groups involved as ‘fluff’, while another dismissed it out of hand. There was a great deal of reaction and comments about how the heroine ‘consented.’
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not fond of the story line of the novel/movie. And the consent everyone references is questionable on that basis. The lead female has serious self-esteem issues.
One of those who called me out hadn’t actually read the book but stated that they are a domestic violence survivor.
Apparently to this person, though, the movie was more important than the issue.
The same day the President gave a PSA about domestic violence during the Grammys. To all appearances it was ignored by the morning news shows.
Sadly, I’m not terribly surprised by any of it…

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