Why do I write fantasy?

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Why do I write fantasy?

Why do I write fantasy? So that I can take the images in my mind like this –
Gossamer butterflies danced in the air, taking wing from where they sparkled among the leaves of the trees, their nearly transparent wings catching the sunlight and refracting it into rainbow twinkles of light. They spiraled upward as they swirled around each other. More and more took flight, rising in a glistening, ever-shifting, swirling cloud. That diaphanous cloud grew, billowed and blew, sparkling brilliant effervescent light,” – and share them with my readers so that they can see them, too. Because it’s not just my characters that make magic, but my imagination that does.
I write fantasy because I want to explore those worlds that haven’t been (maybe), and because I want to meet the characters that people them. I want my readers to get to know them, too, to know their hopes and fears, their joys and sadnesses.
I want to explore this world through that one, to look at it in different ways, and I want to take my readers with me.

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